Tournament Rules


  1. Check-In: Coaches or Club Directors should check-in Saturday morning at the Registration tent, prior to their first game. 
  2. Rulings: The Tournament Directors have the final say on rules interpretations. 
  3. Score Disputes: If a coach has concerns about the final score or a game, the coach should immediately bring the concern to the attention of the field coordinator and game referees prior to that score being reported to the tournament directors. Once reported, scores may not be challenged later in the day or weekend. Tournament Directors will only communicate with team head coaches and team administrators.  Please do not have parents approach tournament staff with issues or scoring problems.


Game Play 

Game Clock
-There will be a continuous central clock, which will be managed by the tournament staff.  Horns will blow for start of games, end of 1st half, start of second half, and end of game.  

-Games consist of two 22 minute running halves; teams will change direction after the half. 

-Halftime will be 5 minutes. 


-Each team has one 30 second timeout per half. The game clock does not stop during timeout. Timeouts cannot be called in the last two minutes of the game by either team. 

-Overtime:  There are no overtimes in pool play.  During winners bracket playoff games each team will get 1 30 second timeout that will stop the clock.


  1. Seedings: Teams will be seeded according to their overall record based on points; teams receive 3 points for win, 1 point for a tie. 
  2. Tie Breakers: If two or more teams are tied on points after the group stage, the following tie-breakers will be used: 

1.  Head-to-Head Results (only if there is a two-way tie- not applicable for three- way ties) 

2.  Least Number of Goals Allowed 

3.  Goal Differential (Total Goals scored minus goals allowed);      maximum of seven (+/- 7) per game. 

          4.  Coin Toss will be 4th tie breaker


        3.  Tie Games 

-There is no overtime in pool play. Tie games will end in a tie and each team will receive 1 point. 


A.  In the event of a tie in playoff quarterfinals or semifinals, overtime will consist of a four minute sudden death overtime period followed by a Brave Heart competition until a goal is scored. Braveheart will be 2v2.  Goalie and Face Off player.  Only 1 player can cross midfield at any time.

B.  In the event of a tie in a Championship game, overtime will consist of unlimited 4-minute periods of sudden-death overtime until a goal is scored.

Game Rules 

  1. All teams will play using NFHS rules with the following modifications
    -No horns - quick restarts with defensive players giving offensive players 5 yards on the restart
    -All substitutions are on the fly, except on a time serving penalty.
    -Appropriate equipment and mouth guards must be worn at all times. 
  2. Checking 

-Limited body checking. Excessively big hits and physical play (even within five yards of a loose ball) constitute unnecessary roughness and will result in a 1 minute penalty. ‚Äč 

  1.  Counts & Advancement
    -There will be counts in all divisions, there will be a 30 second count to clear and advance the ball into the offensive box. 
  1. Time serving penalties: penalty time will be kept by the table and all penalties are time and ½.
  2. Official Scores: The official score will be kept by both the field coordinator and one of the referees. The coordinator and referee will confer throughout the game and at stoppages to ensure the correct score. At the end of game, the referee is responsible for certifying the official game score. All scores are reported to tournament director and may not be challenged later during the tournament.

Roster Regulations & Guidelines 

  1. All Players and Parents/Guardians must complete the online player waiver prior to participation. 
  2. No player may play for multiple clubs in the tournament.  Players may play up for their club.  Example.  Player A is a U11, his club needs an extra U13 for a game.  He may fill that spot.  He may not play for Team B though under any circumstance.
  3. Players who have high school/varsity experience are strongly discouraged from playing in the U15 division. However, if a player meets the U15 US Lacrosse age requirements they may play in the U15 division. 
  4. Limited age exceptions can be made at the discretion of tournament directors for self-described developing youth programs. 
  5. No high school graduates are eligible to participate in the event. 


Any player ejection will result in player being excused for the next game.  A second ejection results in them being done for the event.

Any coach ejection is the same punishment as the player ejection.

Any ejection for fighting will result in expulsion for the remainder of the event.  Fighting constitutes throwing a punch.  There is NO WIGGLE ROOM on this one.  You throw a punch, you are done, even in retaliation.

Any parent ejected will also be done for the remainder of the event and banned from re-entering the grounds.