Format and Rules

Rules and Regulations For Pacific Open


All rules will be in accordance with NFHS standards unless otherwise noted.


Playing time will consist of two 22 minute running halves with a 6 minute halftime. 

10 Minutes between games


  1. One time-out per team per game.  No time-outs in OT. Clock continues to run during time-outs.  No time-outs in last 2 minutes of either half.  Penalty time (if applicable) stops during time out.
  2. NFHS stick regulations will be used.  No stick checks unless called for by coach.
  3. Substitutions are on the fly, except after a goal is scored or on a time serving penalty. In that case the officials will allow a quick substitution to get EMO or MDD on the field.
  4. Penalties will be running time. The penalty time will begin when the ref blows the whistle to restart play. All time serving penalties will be time and ½.  
  5. All ties in playoff games will be decided by sudden victory 4 minute overtime period(s) until a winner is determined.
  6. All ties in pool play and consolation games will end in ties.
  7. Decisions on the field will be the final ruling. No disputes will be heard after the game.
  8. Body checks are permitted at all levels except 10U.  No take-out checks are permitted by any player at any age level.  
  9. One handed stick checks are permitted at 16U/HS levels ONLY..
  10. NFHS timing rules (20 over midline/10 into the box) will apply at all levels except U9 and younger
  11. Team leading must keep it in box under 2 minutes in all divisions unless up by more than 4 goals.
  12. Goalies are NOT required to wear arm pads, but they are recommended.


U9 Specific Rules:

1.  Games will be 7v7 on a 60x40 field.

2.  Face-off will take place after all goals.  There is no mercy rule.

3.  Penalties will all be served and man-up/man-down played.  No team will      play more than 1 man down.  If multiple penalties, they serve them concurrently, but the 2nd penalty adds to end of the man up.

4.  There is no pass rule in this tournament.




  1. Divisions are determined by graduation year and age.  Players can qualify for a division by either meeting the age requirement or being in the class year required for division. 
  2. No High School Graduates are eligible. All players must be 18 years or younger.
  3. No Seniors in JV division
  4. At tournament directors discretion, any team with a player in violation of any of the above roster rules will forfeit all games in which the player is known to have competed and forfeit the opportunity to advance to the playoff round.
  5. No player may compete or be on a roster of more than one program during the tournament. Director approval may be granted if a program needs a player to play up in their own program.  These situations must be cleared through tournament director before player participates on 2nd team.




Ties will be broken in the following manner and sequence:

  1. .     Head to head play
  2. .     Fewest goals allowed
  3. .     Goal Differential (up to 7)
  4. .     Total Goals scored

Teams can only accumulate a Goal Differential of 7 goals in a game to reduce the blowout factor in certain situations.

Example: 15-3 - Real GD 12, What we award is only 7

                10-3 - Real GD 7, What we award is 7

Table Manager will hold the official score for each game at the score table on each field. Scores will be reported to tourney machine app immediately following the game. Coaches are encouraged to verify score after each game with field administrator at their field.




Only the Head Coach/Program Director will be permitted to discuss issues with officials and/or tournament directors.  DO NOT SEND PARENTS to discuss concerns, needs, or issues.  They will be turned away.



In the event of adverse weather or unplayable field conditions, the tournament director reserves the right to:

  1.    Reduce game times in order to catch up with schedule.
  2.    Reschedule games, if possible.
  3.    Convert tournament to a "festival" format without playoffs or championships to provide the majority of teams the opportunity to play as many games as possible.

In the event of weather situation occurring, all updates will be on Tourney Machine, and all teams SHOULD STAY IN PARK and be ready to go when weather clears.